Enable Greater Impact with SmartME

Integrated Programme Management and MEL suite for Development Funds and Programmes

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What is SmartME?

SmartME is the smart choice for your Development Project

Adalia SmartME is a powerful, tried and tested comprehensive Fund Management and M&E software platform to manage funds better.



  • 74 Programmes
  • 10502 projects managed
  • 170 Calls
  • 11820 € moving through the system
  • 197 Countries
  • 96126 forms processed

For Whom?

For international development projects or donor facilities focused on results-based management (RBM)

Project and Portfolio managers

The SmartME platform is scalable allowing it to handle a portfolio of projects and monitor their performance. SmartME has already been used by challenge funds and development co-operation projects. 

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Donor facilities have used SmartME directly to fund projects. SmartME can be used to easily manage fund applicants and monitor that the fund is being put to effective use creating desired impacts in an increasingly transparent manner.

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Why SmartME?

Why projects and funds choose SmartME

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    Greater efficiency and efficacy

    Saves countless hours of paperwork and administration, allowing you to focus on delivering a greater impact.

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    A platform with solid experience

    Have access to the latest features created for other international development projects.

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    Enhanced transparency and governance

    Open tracking, recording and accountability at all phases of a project.

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    Easy to Use and Implement

    Implementation can be carried out within a few weeks. No need for a lengthy procurement process.

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    Lowered project risk

    Using the right software from project inception can reduce chances of project failure.

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    Ability to react quickly

    With meaningful live dashboards, milestones and instant reporting.

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    Reduced costs

    Low management and operational costs. Lower IT procurement costs.